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Entwicklung und Harmonisierung von Systemanalysen und Bewertungsmethoden für eine nachhaltige Biomassebereitstellung

Stampfer Karl, BOKU Projektleiter/in
Art der Forschung
Beteiligte BOKU-Organisationseinheiten
Institut für Forsttechnik
Gefördert durch
Europäische Kommission / European Commission, Rue de la Loi, Brussels, Europäische Union
The main objective is to harmonise forest energy terminology and methodologies of forest operations research and biomass availability calculations thereby building the scientific capacity within forest energy research and supporting the technology transfer of the forest biomass procurement chain and sustainable forest management.At present the use of forest biomass for energy is an increasingly important topic particularly in light of the debate on climate change. Forest biomass offers the largest potential as a renewable fuel. In order to ensure the reliable and sustainable supply of forest fuel new technological solutions to procure forest biomass are needed.By harmonising research methodologies in forest biomass operations research it is anticipated that more solid conclusions can be drawn from research results since the Action enables more comparable repetitions of the same studies across Europe. Furthermore, research results will be more comparable and the generalisation of research results will be improved.The Action will provide an original synthesis of multidisciplinary research efforts and an innovative European wide reference for forest biomass for energy terminology, sampling methods, standard measurements, and research methodologies. This synthesis will promote the increase in the use of forest biomass for energy as laid out in the EU strategies.Through the possibilities of the networking concept, the most suitable research methods can be identified, harmonised and standardised throughout the EU. The Action contributes to provide a more solid basis for the decision making on national and EU levels on biomass supply.
Forstliches Ingenieurwesen; Forsttechnik; Nachwachsende Rohstoffe;
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