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Plant Molecular Breeding to Meet the Challenges of Climate Change

Bürstmayr Hermann, Projektleiter/in
ELLS Summer school

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Institut für Biotechnologie in der Pflanzenproduktion
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Euroleague of Life Science Universities (ELLS), Österreich
ELLS Summer School, July 7-18, 2014 @ BOKU Campus Tulln

Global changes are expected to have a huge impact on future food crop production. The challenge is to provide sufficient high quality food, feed and fibre to meet the increasing demand due to changes in consumer behaviour of a still growing world population. At the same time we are facing limited natural resources, particularly land, water and energy. The plant breeding and seed sector is the first component in crop plant production and plays a fundamental role in sustainable agriculture. The huge challenge for plant breeders is to at least keep or even increase genetic gains per year. The backbone of traditional breeding schemes relies on cost and labor intensive field trials. Now, recent developments in large scale sequence and genome analysis enable researchers and breeders to gain insight in genomes at an unprecedented dimension. Molecular tools, such as marker-assisted breeding and genomic selection aim to complement or even replace predictions of breeding values from field trials with predictions based on genetic fingerprints. This course will introduce students to the fundamental principles of quantitative genetics relevant for plant breeders. We will teach aspects of genetic mapping, association mapping and genomic selection. We will present plant breeding research examples with particular relevance for adaptation of crops to a changing environment.

The course is aimed at students in agricultural sciences or related subjects. This course is particularly suitable for students in their master study phase, preferably those who already work on a master or PhD thesis in the field of plant breeding, or at least plan to perform their thesis in this field. A sound basic understanding of general genetics, statistical data analysis, and plant breeding is a pre-requisite for this course.

Mix of lectures, demonstrations, self-study and practical course work particularly estimation of genetic effects, and genomic predictions of quantitative traits.
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