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Mauerinventar Bizau 2021

Drexel Anna Maria, Projektleiter/in
Amt der Vorarlberger Landesregierung - Beauftragung
Art der Forschung
Angewandte Forschung
Beteiligte BOKU-Organisationseinheiten
Institut für Ingenieurbiologie und Landschaftsbau
Gefördert durch
Amt der Vorarlberger Landesregierung, Landhaus, 6901 Bregenz, Österreich
The research project aims to investigate the architectural heritage of the wall systems that significantly shape the village and cultural landscape of Bizau in the Bregenzerwald. Based on this, strategies and concepts of measures will be developed that contribute in the best possible way to their safeguarding and preservation.
The research phases of the project are:
- Recording of the structures in the village center and the surrounding cultural areas, source research and interviews with reliable persons; derivation of structure types, analysis of the applied building techniques and historical building materials.
- Cartographic representation and inventory sheet development; systematize type categories in map series in QGIS.
- Generation of an evaluation catalog for the specific building types of the municipalities, value determination, development goals and recommendations.

The building survey and inventory of the walls is accompanied by a developmental analysis and intensive source research for chronological classification. A further object of research is the development of a criteria catalog for the evaluation of their value as architectural heritage as well as their significance for the local history and cultural landscape. On this basis, concrete recommendations for action for the objects will subsequently be derived.

Project benefits
The project is intended to lay the foundations for respectful, professional and forward-looking treatment of cultural heritage in cultural landscapes and settlement areas. In addition to the inventory of preserved historic natural stone walls, special attention will be paid to the promotion of knowledge on traditional masonry construction methods and professional restoration, preservation and renovation. This results in lectures and publications of the research results and in international networking. In the sense of science goes public, professionally led masonry construction courses and concrete renovation projects are subsequently initiated on site, which help to ensure the continuity of knowledge and enable qualified further training.
Bauforschung; Baukulturelles Erbe; Nachhaltige Technologien; Technikgeschichte; Umweltsoziologie; Kulturlandschaftsforschung; Landschaftsplanung; Wissensmanagement; Regionalgeschichte; Kulturerbe;
Bauforschung; Denkmalpflege; Kulturlandschaftsforschung; Nachhaltigkeit ; Trockenmauerbau ;

Drexel, AM; Puchegger, L; Gratzer, H (2022): INVENTAR HISTORISCHER MAUERN - Teil I Forschungsbericht zum Mauerinventar der Gemeinde Bizau.

Finanziert von: Finanziert von: Gemeinde Bizau, 66

Drexel, AM; Puchegger, L; Gratzer, H (2021): INVENTAR HISTORISCHER MAUERN - Teil II Inventarblätter des Mauerinventars der Gemeinde Bizau .

Finanziert von: Gemeinde Bizau, 101


Drexel, AM (2022): Historische Natursteinmauern in Bizau.

Veranstaltung: Präsentation Mauerinventar 2022, 24.10.2022, Bizau

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