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Einsatz von Toxizitätstests zur Beurteilung von Rohöl-kontaminierten Böden

Loibner Andreas Paul, Projektleiter/in
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Braun Rudolf, Projektmitarbeiter/in
Beteiligte BOKU-Organisationseinheiten
Institut für Umweltbiotechnologie
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Based on the fact that toxic effects of pollutants in soil are strongly influenced by the bioavailability
of the respective compound, the risk of soil pollution is often overestimated using conventional risk
assessment strategies. Therefore, this literature survey focussed on bioassays that give a direct
toxicity response including also availability aspects. Single tests as well as test batteries have been
evaluated for their applicability to soils contaminated with crude oil or mineral oil products. The
implications for site assessment have been reviewed and different European and North American
approaches for the integration of bioassay data in risk assessment strategies are described.
biologische Testsysteme; Boden; Kohlenwasserstoffe; Risikobewertung;

Loibner, A. P., Braun, R., Szolar, O.H.J (2000): Einsatz von Toxizitätstests zur Beurteilung von Rohöl-kontaminierten Böden.

Expert Study, 61 p

Loibner, A.P., Szolar, O.H.J., Braun, R., Hirmann, D. (2003): Ecological assessment and toxicity screening in contaminated land analysis.

In: Thompson, K.C. Nathanail, P. (Eds.): Chemical Analysis of Contaminted Land, 229-267; Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, ISBN 1-84127-334-1

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