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Danube Regional Project - Monitoring and Assessment of Nutrient Removal Capacity of Riverine Wetlands

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Institut für Bodenforschung
Institut für Hydrobiologie und Gewässermanagement (IHG)
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Danube Regional Project /GEF, VIC, 1400 Vienna, Österreich
The potentially important role that riverine wetlands can play in improving water quality through removal and modification of dissolved and suspended nutrient pollution has been documented by a number of studies and reports, including several that refer to the Danube River Basin. So it is obvious that these processes need more attention in wetland restoration programs.

In this project component the overall objective is to optimize the nutrient reduction/ retention facilities via better wetland management while still considering other benefits (biodiversity, water purification etc.) and giving priority to the ecological needs of these ecosystems. Effective implementation would considerably improve the knowledge about nutrient removal through wetlands rehabilitation and would define the technical and economic parameters for efficient wetlands management.
Following tasks will be implemented:
(1) Technical basis for a presentation of the role of wetlands in nutrient dynamics and its societal consequences – aim is a support for local managers to initiate further activities
(2) Preparation of a technical document guiding wetland and water managers on nutrient reduction capacities of natural wetlands in the DRB
(3) Using case studies of implemented wetland restoration to evaluate their relevance for nutrient reduction (also in the sense of the WFD)
(4) Cooperating with local wetland managers in 2-3 selected restoration projects to integrate the nutrient reduction function in the planning and implementation process.

Donauraum; Einzugsgebietsmanagement; Feuchtgebiet; Nährstoffdynamik; Nährstoffmanagement;

Zessner M., Hein T. (2007): Die Au ist multifunktional, doch keine Kläranlage!.

Aqua-Press, 2/2007, 14-16

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