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Capacity Building for Rural Development in Occupied Palestinian Territory

Damyanovic Doris, BOKU Projektleiter/in
APPEAR- PREPARATORY FUNDING Austrian Partnership Programme in Higher Education and Research for Development
Art der Forschung
Technisches Universität Graz, Institut für Städtebau, Österreich.
Kontaktperson: Ao.Univ.-Prof.Dipl.-Ing.Dr. Doytchinov;
Funktion des Projektpartners: Partner
TU Wien, Department für Raumentwicklung, Infrastruktur und Umweltplanung, FB Soziologie, Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Wien, Österreich.
Funktion des Projektpartners: Partner
Schneider Gerda, Projektmitarbeiter/in
Fuchs Britta, Projektmitarbeiter/in (bis 30.09.2019)
Beteiligte BOKU-Organisationseinheiten
Institut für Landschaftsplanung
Gefördert durch
Austrian Development Agency (ADA), Zelinkagasse , 1010 Wien, Österreich
The main aim of the project is to develop a strategic plan for enhancing rural development and planning studies in the Palestinian higher education system through development of partnerships with enterprises, on the basis of local and international practices and experience.
Through the proposed APPEAR application, it is planned to develop an academic training program in rural development and planning between the Architectural Engineering Department at Birzeit University and the Institute of Urbanism at Graz University of Technology as well as establish a spatial planning research cluster which will form the nucleus for spatial planning unit at BZU.
The foreseen cooperation aims at enhancing the quality of life of rural communities, acknowledging and respecting a diversity of needs and perspectives through the provision of educational opportunities and interdisciplinary research as well as fostering knowledge transfer between Birzeit University and the local community organizations in OPT and encouraging intercultural exchange between OPT and Austria.The academic training will also be supported by future contributions from other Austrian academic institutions through their experts on natural resources, environmental and spatial planning issues (e.g. University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, “BOKU”, and Vienna University of Technology “ TU Wien”).
Städtebau; Raumplanung; Landschaftsplanung; Kulturlandschaftsforschung;
Entwicklung ländliche Räume; Kulturlandschaft; Landschaftsplanung;

Fuchs, B; Damyanovic, D (2014): Reading and understanding landscapes and places as a starting point for sustainable rural development.
[Capacity Building for Rural Development. Rural Areas: Exploring Challenges and Opportunities for their Conservation and Development. International Conference, Birzeit University Palestine, Birzeit, Palestine, April 27-29, 2014]

In: Birzeit University, Palestine, Rural Areas: Exploring Challenges and Opportunities for their Conservation and Development. Paper Proceedings, Seite 145-161

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