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Urban planning preliminary examination in workshop format - Max Emanuelpark Ingolstadt

Project Leader
Wück Roland, Project Leader
Type of Research
Applied Research
Licka Lilli, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Landscape Architecture
Funded by
AUDI AG, 85045 INGOLSTADT, Germany
Stadt Ingolstadt - Stadtplanungsamt, Spitalstraße 3, 85049 Ingolstadt, Germany
Within the framework of the research project "Analysing Design Competitions as a Tool for Teaching" the case study for a regional park on the edge of the industrial zone of Ingolstadt is being implemented. For the design of the park, between the Audi factory site and the adjacent Etting district, sustainable solutions are to be developed in a student competition as a basis for discussion for the decision-making process in the Ingolstadt city administration. The research questions are learning success and motivation, the effect on project operators and the public, the added value of these real-life settings for landscape architectural design tasks, their challenges and approaches to optimisation

Landscape architecture; Urban design; Soil bioengineering; Building within existing structures; Landscape planning; Urban planning;
recreation; design; identity; Urban development; urban agriculture;

Wück , R; Licka, L (2021): Landschaftsplanerische Voruntersuchung, 2. Grünring Ingolstadt Nord Bereich Max-Emanuel-Park Ideenwettbewerb für Studierende und Jungabsolvent*innen der BOKU Wien .

Stadtplanungsamt Ingolstadt, 60 FullText

Furchtlehner, J; Wück, R (2019): Die Lücke... ist gefüllt! ÖGLA Landschaftsarchitekturpreis 2019.

zoll+ Österreichische Schriftenreihe für Landschaft und Freiraum, 35, 45-48; ISSN 1025-2479

Roland Tusch, Julia Backhausen-Nikolić, Roland Wück (2019): Teaching through design competitions.
[ECLAS/UNISCAPE Conference 2019 - Lessons from the Past, Visions for the future, As, Norway, 16.09.2019 - 17.09.2019]

In: Lei Gao, Shelley Egoz, Lessons from the Past, Visions for the Future, School of Landscape Architecture, Norwegian University of Life Sciences; ISBN: 978-82-575-1642-0

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