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Measurement of real speeds and accelerations to optimize the lengths of turn-in lanes

Project Leader
Berger Wolfgang Josef, Project Leader
Mobilität der Zukunft - Verkehrsinfrastrukturforschung F&E-Dienstleistungen
Type of Research
Basic Research
Batiajew Valerie, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Transport Studies
Funded by
Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Sensengasse 1, 1090 Wien, Austria
The required standard lengths of deceleration and acceleration lanes for right-hand turns at road junctions are specified in two Austrian guidelines for road traffic (RVS). Here, the length specifications for junctions with multi-lane directional lanes, as they occur predominantly in the motorway networks, are uniform. For two-lane roads however, mainly federal roads, they vary greatly. For example, acceleration lanes sometimes are to be even longer than on motorways.
In the course of the project it was examined to what extent these guidelines are still appropriate – also in the light of international comparisons and the braking and, above all, acceleration capacity of the car fleet, which has improved over the years. Methodologically, the on-site real traffic behaviour at 4 local junctions was detected based on extensive measurements. On the one hand, the standard real (normal) behaviour has been recorded. On the other hand, by means of video analysis special attention was paid to real (special) behaviour in (extreme) situations, as this is decisive for the assessment of traffic safety.
The aim was that the project results will reveal a possible justifiability of even shorter deceleration and acceleration lanes than at present and at the same time can serve as a basis for the revision of the relevant RVS.
Traffic engineering;
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