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Extension of a metabolomics platform for the study of plant-pathogen interactions

Project Leader
Schuhmacher Rainer, Project Leader
Finanzierungsbeitrag des Landes NÖ / CF Tulln - FöQuo 50 (NÖ Kulturförderungsgesetzes 1996)
Type of Research
Technological Development
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Bioanalytics and Agro-Metabolomics
Funded by
Amt der Niederösterreichischen Landesregierung, Landhausplatz 1, A-3109 St. Pölten, Austria
Zur Untersuchung der molekularen Grundlagen der Pflanze-Mikroorganismen Interaktion haben sich die so genannten „-OMICS“-Techniken als besonders leistungsfähig herausgestellt.

For the investigation of the molecular basis of plant-microbe interactions, the so-called "-OMICS" techniques have proven to be particularly powerful.

The primary goal of this project is to expand the existing method portfolio for metabolome analysis of plants, microorganisms and their interactions. In particular, many interesting questions have arisen within the framework of the FWF project SFB FUSARIUM (2009-2019). Two of the open scientific questions related to resistance mechanisms of the host will be investigated by directly applying the new methods to Fusarium-treated wheat samples.

The new scientific knowledge gained on Fusarium head blight will serve a better understanding of the metabolism of plants under stress. The project will therefore provide novel insight into plant defence mechanisms and can help in the long term to develop new control strategies and measures for sustainable plant protection.

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Analytical chemistry; Plant physiology; Phytochemistry; Metabolomics;
Chromatography; Mass spectrometry; Metabolomics; Plant resistance; Wheat;
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