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Study on drought, groundwater levels, and the state of water supply reliability in 2022

Project Leader
Neunteufel Roman, Project Leader
ÖVGW - Beauftragung
Type of Research
Applied Research
BOKU Research Units
Institute for Sanitary Engineering and Water Pollution Control
Funded by
ÖVGW, Schubertring 14, 1015 Wien, Austria
The study will summarize recent survey results among Austrian water suppliers, with a focus on the 2022 groundwater levels and the resulting impacts on supply reliability, and relate them to the results of previous studies.
Issues and scope of the planned work:
From the perspective of Austrian water suppliers, what was the supply situation in 2022 with respect to the low groundwater levels that occurred in 2022?
Were there any incidents in 2022 that made it necessary to restrict the supply (e.g. due to new low groundwater levels, weather conditions, infrastructure damage, outages, etc.)?
What reserves with respect to peak demand are still available, or at what resource declines (groundwater levels or spring discharges) would supply restrictions be expected?
Were there any changes in 2022 compared to previous years that had an impact on the reliability of supply (e.g. resource situation, consumer behavior, infrastructure, energy, personnel, etc.) and what are seen as the greatest challenges for the future?

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Water infrastructure; Water management;
Low Groundwater Levels; Drought; Water demand; Water Supply Reliability;
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