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Pre-studies on working fluids for medium temperature ORC-prozesses

Project Leader
Fischer Johann, Project Leader
Type of Research
Applied Research
Project partners
Hanoi University of Technology, 1 Dai-Co-Viet Road, Hanoi, Viet Nam.
Contact person: Heat Engineering Department Institut of Heat Engineering and Refrigeration No.1, DaiCo Viet Road, Hanoi, Vietnam Kontaktperson: MSc Lai Ngoc Anh;
Function of the Project Partner: Partner

Further information:

Wendland Martin, Project Staff
Koglbauer Gerald, Project Staff (bis 15.08.2007)
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Chemical and Energy Engineering (IVET)
Funded by
Own financial resources - Department of material sciences and process engineering, Muthgasse , 1190 Wien, Austria
Organic Rankine Cycles are an interesting technology for producing electricity from medium temperature heat which is available as waste heat, solar thermal energy and from biomass. A crucial problem is the choice of a working fluid optimized for the given situation. Here, several ORC-processes with different working fluids are compared with the steam power process for different types of processes. In addition, potential working fluids are nominated which shall be investigated in detail in a subsequent project.
energy technology; thermodynamics; thermal engineering;
Electricity from Waste Heat; Working Fluids; Electricity from Biomass; Medium Temperature Heat; Organic Rankine Cycle;

Fischer, J., Lai Ngoc, A., (2006): Moi chat cho cac chu trinh huu co lam viec o dainhiet do trung binh - Lua chon va nghien cuu tinh chatnhiet dong (Medium temperature working fluids for OrganicCycles - Introduction to Research Program).

Tap chi Khoa hoc va Cong nghe Nhiet (Journal of Thermal Science and Technology, Vietnam), 67, 2-5 FullText

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