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Validation of thermal activated components

Project Leader
Wolf Magdalena, Project Leader
Innovationsscheck (FFG)
Type of Research
Technological Development
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Chemical and Energy Engineering (IVET)
Funded by
Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Sensengasse 1, 1090 Wien, Austria
Thermal activated components (TAB) allow to heat and cool buildings as well as saving thermal energy (Power-to-heat). However, in office buildings TAB is a broad technology, whereas in residential buildings TAB is not used. This is due to missing experience in controlling those systems and their impact on comfort parameter in the building.
The main advantages of TAB are the low temperatures needed for heating as well as the opportunity to save peaks of energy generation in urban regions.
The aim of this project is to develope a transient model for TAB, to describe the heat transfer from TAB to the building. Additionally the model will be validated with real measurement data from a Demo-building. The model will base on numerical simulations based on an real two-familiy house.
Numerical mathematics ; Air conditioning technology; Thermal engineering;
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