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Solar Biotope P├Âchlarn

Project Leader
Obriejetan Michael, Project Leader
Type of Research
Applied Research
Pitha Ulrike, Project Staff
Obriejetan Michael, Project Staff (bis 07.02.2023)
Marx Dorothee, Project Staff
Blecha Mirjam, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Soil Bioengineering and Landscape Construction
Funded by
RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG, Wienerbergstra├če 3, 1100 Wien, Austria
The project objective is to ensure land conversion and resource-conserving management of species-rich green spaces (biodiversity areas) in the area of PV plants. Sustainable use strategies in the area of large-scale PV plants are analyzed. The following research questions are answered:
Research question 01: How must both requirement profile and guiding functions be defined for the development of green or biodiversity areas in the area of large-scale PV plants?
Research question 02: Which target uses or management strategies are suitable or expediently feasible for land conversion?
Research question 03: What are the effects of different seed mixes on vegetation development (cover, species diversity, vegetation composition, emergence of undesirable species) during the project period?
Research question 04: What effects can be expected from the development or transformation of agricultural land into species-rich grass-herb stands in the vicinity of PV plants in terms of biodiversity, microclimate, or other environmental factors such as soil parameters?
Research question 05: How can resource-saving management of species-rich grasslands (e.g. biodiversity areas) in the area of PV plants be ensured or how can sustainable utilization strategies be developed in the area of large-scale PV plants?
The findings will be published and integrated into university teaching.

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Vegetation technology; Solar technology; Landscape conservation;
Biodiversity areas; land management; land conversion; PV plants; vegetation technologies;
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