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Adaptation of the SP-V Guideline 2022 (SEA and transport planning) - Systematic consideration of environmental goals including climate protection goals

Subproject of: Revision of the Guidelines for Strategic Assessment of Transport Infrastructure 2022 (SP-V Leitfaden)

Project Leader
Jiricka-Pürrer Alexandra, Project Leader
BMK - Beauftragung
Type of Research
Applied Research
Geißler Gesa, Sub Projectleader
Uhlhorn Birthe, Project Staff
Wilfer Jacqueline, Project Staff (bis 31.12.2022)
BOKU Research Units
Institute for Landscape Development, Recreation and Conservation Planning
Funded by
Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, Austria
In its current form, the SP-V guideline for transport planning already offers numerous starting points for the foresighted consideration and avoidance or minimization of environmental impacts. Due to the very brief presentation of individual steps, such as the consideration of system alternatives, it makes sense to strengthen individual chapters in order to ensure a transparent consideration of all relevant perspectives and a balanced evaluation. In this way, environmental objectives, possible impacts on environmental issues, and measures to counteract these changes can be more integratively included in the strategic environmental assessment, taking into account all relevant information and on the basis of a broad consultation starting at the scoping process.
The revision of the guideline therefore also aims at an increased early integration but also transparent consideration of diverse interests.

The research project examines the transferability of international approaches to the Austrian SEA practice in the field of transport planning and analyzes methodologically suitable approaches. Together with the central actors, research will be conducted on how SEA and its individual procedural steps can contribute to an integrative consideration of environmental objectives in transport planning.

Nature conservation; Environmental law; Landscape planning; Transport planning;
Assessment of alternatives; Climate change mitigation; Climate change; Strategic environmental assessment ; Environmental issues;
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