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Assessment of farrowing systems: lying and locomotion behaviour of sows and piglets (WP 2.3) and performance criteria (WP 4)

Project Leader
Winckler Christoph, Project Leader
Type of Research
Applied Research
Project partners
Bundesanstalt für alpenländische Landwirtschaft, Altirdning 11, 8952 Irdning, Austria.
Contact person: Dr. Elfriede Ofner;
Function of the Project Partner: Partner
Institute of Animal Hausbandry and Animal Welfare, Veterinärplatz 1, A-1210 Wien, Austria.
Contact person: Dr. Johannes Baumgartner;
Function of the Project Partner: Koordinator
Quendler Elisabeth, Project Staff
Podiwinsky Christiane, Project Staff (bis 31.07.2009)
BOKU Research Units
Division of Agricultural Engineering
Division of Livestock Sciences
Funded by
Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management , Stubenring 1, A-1012 Wien, Austria
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animal production; livestock ethology; animal keeping;
farrowing system; piglet; locomotion; performance; lying behaviour; sow; pig; animal welfare;
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