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Isotope application for remediation, aftercare and monitoring of contaminated sites

Project Leader
Puschenreiter Markus, Project Leader
Type of Research
Applied Research
Project partners
AIT, Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria.
Contact person: Dr. Thomas Reichenauer;
Function of the Project Partner: Koordinator
Loibner Andreas Paul, Project Staff
Huber-Humer Marion, Project Staff
Brandstätter-Scherr Kerstin, Project Staff (bis 31.12.2020)
Lenz Sabine, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute for Environmental Biotechnology
Institute of Soil Research
Institute of Waste Management and Circularity
Isotope application for remediation, aftercare and monitoring of contaminated sites (ISOMON)
Funded by
Amt der Niederösterreichischen Landesregierung, Landhausplatz 1, A-3109 St. Pölten, Austria
ISOMON aims to develop and adapt innovative isotope
methods for their use in monitoring of in-situ
remediation of different kinds of contaminations. To
this end application scenarios for isotope methods
will be developed and tested based on selected
remediation technologies for organic contaminants on
landfills and former industrial sites. Through
comparison of the achieved results to those measured
with conventional methods the novel monitoring
applications will be validated. Isotope methods will
ideally allow for the detailed analysis of contaminant
fate and behaviour in the environment and thus
contribute to the conception of meaningful measures
for the management of contaminated sites. The newly
developed knowledge will further be shared with
SMEs offering services related to soil remediation and
strengthen their market position and
soil science; biotechnology; environmental protection;
landfill remediation; soil contamination; soil remediation; monitoring; stable isotopes;

Kern, M; Watzinger, A; Backes, D; Lindner, T; Lobner, A; Scherr, K; (2015): Comprehensive Process Control for Anaerobic TPH Biotransformation In Situ Using Terminal Electron Acceptor Isotopic δ15N and δ34S Ratios . [Poster]
[6th European Bioremediation Conference 2015, Chania, Crete, Greece, 29.06.2015 - 02.07.2015]

In: Kalogerakis, N; Fava, F; , Book of Abstracts

Kern, M; Watzinger, A; Brandstätter-Scherr, K; (2015): Monitoring of Anaerobic PH-Biodegradation by Analysis of Shifts in Terminal Electron Acceptor Isotopic δ15N and δ34S Ratios . [Poster]
[14th Stable Isotope Network Austria SINA Meeting 2015, Tulln an der Donau, Austria, 26.11.2015 - 27.11.2015]

In: Wyhlidal, S; Watzinger, A; Hood-Nowotny, R;, Book of Abstracts

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