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Gathering of wild plant species in organic farming in Austria

Project Leader
Schunko Christoph, BOKU Project Leader
Type of Research
Basic Research
Vogl Christian R., Sub Projectleader
Schunko Christoph, Sub Projectleader (bis 03.12.2017)
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Organic Farming
Funded by
Eigenfinanzierung - Department für Nachhaltige Agrarsysteme, Peter Jordan- Strasse 82, 1190 Wien, Austria
Wild plant species are used for a diversity of traditional and innovative products. The marketing of certain wild fungi or wild fruits as raw or processed products are well known examples. Recently also less known wild plant species and products thereof are traded and sold by direct marketing, gastronomy and retailers. Wild plants are also attributed as superfoods, thus foodstuffs with distinct health effects.
Organic farming seems to be an important innovator for this development in Austria and many organic farmers are certified for gathering and processing wild plant species and local, regional, national and international associations and enterprises are part of value chains for processing and vending wild plant species.
Although this pronounced importance of wild plant gathering in organic farming, systematic reports are inexistent for Austria. This project thus aims for describing the most important actors for gathering, processing and vending wild plant species in organic farming in Austria and to document gathered plant species and collection sites. The innovation potential of organic farming for vending wild plant species is another focus of the project.
Organic farming; Renewable resources;
Non-timber forest products; organic agriculture; Product innovations;
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