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Analysis of state of the art to scientific teaching on ergonomics (at universities and colleges (IST_ERGO)

Project Leader
Quendler Elisabeth, Project Leader
EU-Project Instruments
Collaborative Project
Type of Research
Basic Research
BOKU Research Units
Department of Sustainable Agricultural Systems
Division of Agricultural Engineering
Funded by
Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt, Adelbert Stifter Strasse 65, 1200 Wien, Austria
Ergonomically designed jobs are currently seen as a major contribution to the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders and to jobs that are aging and gender-appropriate. In order to benefit from the advantages of ergonomics for the benefits of the economy and a process of humanization, ergonomic information that is generated through research and experience is required by companies and households. There is, however, a considerable delay in the transfer of knowledge between the sources of ergonomic knowledge production and the implementation of these new findings. This is due to the considerable deficit of multipliers. It will therefore be particularly important to identify and instruct all institutions involved in the transfer of knowledge, to act in a networked manner and, above all, to use their strengths and compensate the weaknesses. In order to implement prospective ergonomics more intensively in the national economy, the first step is to bundle and intensify university education and training in ergonomics in Austria. The aim of this project study is therefore to show which institutions, universities and technical colleges, in Austria, offer university degrees in which quality and quantity in ergonomics. The project has the objectives to create a list of universities and technical colleges that offer ergonomic teaching contents, a descriptive description of the existing contents as well as the categorization and clustering of the teaching contents according to the parameters that are relevant for the courses. The selection of the institutions takes place according to the current state of knowledge on the internet as well as survey information. Relevant internet and survey information on the teaching of ergonomics of about 30 providers are recorded. The data are analyzed descriptively and analytically in a spreadsheet program as well as in SAS and described. The most meaningful results on the content of teaching and methods of the Austrian institutions are presented in tabular and graphical form.
Mechanical engineering; Agricultural engineering;
Ergonomics; Institutions; Teaching; Austria;
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