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Odour Reduction in Biorefinery Products

Subproject of: FLIPPR-II Future Lignin and Pulp Processing Research - II (FLIPPR-II)

Project Leader
Böhmdorfer Stefan, Project Leader
COMET - K-Projekte
Type of Research
Applied Research
Project partners
Technical University Graz, Austria.
Function of the Project Partner: Partner
BOKU Research Units
Division of Chemistry of Renewable Resources
Funded by
Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Sensengasse 1, 1090 Wien, Austria
Lignin is a byproduct of the pulp and paper industry; in Austria alone, kilotons could be made available every year. Currently, this renewable resource is used as fuel for energy generation. Technical application based on lignin, for example in construction materials, are emerging, since they make better use of wood as a resource and offer a higher added value. A major obstacle in the utilization of lignin is its unpleasant smell, which is mostly caused by sulfur compounds.
This project aims at reducing odorous compounds in lignin by chemical modification and processing to broaden the application potential for lignin. Analytical methods will be established to judge the outcome of these treatments.
Analytical chemistry; Macromolecular chemistry; Organic chemistry; Chemical reaction engineering ; Sustainable technologies;
Chemical Modification; Olfactory Analysis; Lignin; Material Use;
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