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FFoQSI: Influence of particle size and fibre source on feed processing and nutritive value of raw materials and compound feeds

Project Leader
Gierus Martin, BOKU Project Leader
COMET - K-Projekte
Type of Research
Applied Research
Project partners
Agromed Austria GmbH, Bad Haller Straße 23, A-4550 Kremsmünster , Austria.
Function of the Project Partner: Partner
Garant-Tiernahrung Gesellschaft m.b.H., Raiffeisenstraße 3, A-3380 Pöchlarn , Austria.
Function of the Project Partner: Partner
Schedle Karl, Sub Projectleader
Schedle Karl, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Animal Nutrition, Livestock Products, and Nutrition Physiology (TTE)
Funded by
Animal nutrition;
dietary fibre; feed processing; particle;
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