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An interdisciplinary view on climate change issues – Phase 3

Project Leader
Hein Thomas, Project Leader
Joint Seminars
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Basic Research

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BOKU Research Units
Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management
Funded by
Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung (FWF) , Sensengasse 1, 1090 Wien, Austria
Climate change poses increasing challenges to human societies worldwide. One of the urgent task of the scientific community is to fully understand the carbon budget and other key ecosystem functions under the ongoing influence of climate change and anthropogenic perturbation. Recent reviews on the global carbon cycle in the Anthropocene, not only emphasized the importance of quantifying carbon transfers along the land-sea continuum, but highlighted areas of regional priority include Southeast Asia, tropical Africa, the Amazon, the Ganges River system and north/central Europe (Regnier 2013). The global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) whose Goal 13 explicitly recognises the links between efforts to promote social and economic development, and work to combat climate change. As a global problem affecting societies worldwide, international scientific cooperation is essential to understand the nature and scale of the effects of a changing climate (Goal 17). The proposed workshop therefore offers a great opportunity for knowledge sharing between experts from Austria and Taiwan in different fields of science dealing with climate change.
This 3rd Joint Seminar, following the past fruitful accomplishments, aims to call the experts from Austria and Taiwan in different fields for targeted development of joint projects. The joint seminar is to set a platform for inter-disciplinary conversation. The main focus will lie on the several scientific questions associated with the impacts induced by climate change. Through the inter-disciplinary conversation, the key issues can be identified from the environmental and social matrix and the identified issues can stimulate the scientists from Austria and Taiwan to collaborate for further proposals of joint projects.
In this joint seminar, we have initiated 4 scientific topics for discussion. These are: 1. Tracing weathering from mountains to the sea; 2. Effect of extreme events on nutrient dynamics, and corresponding microbial processes along the terrestrial-aquatic continuum; 3. Restoring human-induced disturbances on in-land waters; 4. Facing changing climate and toward a sustainable environment. So far, approximately 8 Austria and 14 Taiwan scientists will participate in this seminar. Through this brainstorming and knowledge sharing, the practical approaches and future collaborations joint research efforts to address these potential problems can be expected.
General geology; Erosion; Climate change; Hydrogeology; Natural hazards; Environmental research; Ecosystem research; Soil science;
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