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Processing of bark towards green biorefinery applications

Subproject of: Austrian Biorefinery Center - Tulln (ABCT) (ABCT)

Project Leader
Potthast Antje, Project Leader
Land Niederösterreich - Technologie Calls
Type of Research
Basic Research
Project partners
SCA , SCA R&D Centre Box 716, 85121 Sundsvall, Sweden.
Contact person: Dr. Raquel Bohn-Stoltz;
Function of the Project Partner: Partner
Rosenau Thomas, Sub Projectleader
Böhmdorfer Stefan, Co-worker
Sumerskii Ivan, Co-worker
Zinovyev Grigory, Co-worker
BOKU Research Units
Division of Chemistry of Renewable Resources
Funded by
Amt der Niederösterreichischen Landesregierung, Landhausplatz 1, A-3109 St. Pölten, Austria
Biomass of different origins becomes more important as different biorefinery scenarios turn into reality.

Current utilization of bark is very limited and consists mainly in its energetic use and to some extent as bark mulch in gardening and agriculture to reduce soil erosion and regulate pH.

Still, bark contains extractives which are a valuable class of compounds when they are available as single pure compounds or at least as isolated classes of similar substances. The rather hydrophobic nature and the incorporation of the extractives into the bark matrix hinder their easy separation from the bark. Usually organic solvents are required to obtain a higher yield of extractive mixtures. The use of organic solvents usually does not allow to run the process either environmentally benign nor economically feasible.

The aim of the mutual project is to elucidate alternative means to remove extractives from spruce bark, including a comprehensive analysis applying state of the art methods.
Materials chemistry; Organic chemistry; Spectroscopy ;
biorefineries; lignin; renewable resources;
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