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Biogas For Future Electric and Gas Grids

Project Leader
Loibner Andreas Paul, Project Leader
ERA-NET Bioenergy - Kooperative F&E-Projekte - Industrielle Forschung
Type of Research
Applied Research
BOKU Research Units
Institute for Environmental Biotechnology
Funded by
Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Sensengasse 1, 1090 Wien, Austria
The European Commission’s ambitious renewable energy goals, 20-20-20 objectives and Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan) request new technological and non-technological measures. Biogas is one of the promising energy sources that is not fully employed yet as a part of national gas and electric grids. BIOFEGG project will tackle this shortcoming by standardizing biogas quality. The project develops and pilots new control methods for anaerobic digestion process and a novel biogas cleaning and upgrading method for siloxanes and terpenes. The project also demonstrates a recently developed innovative real- time monitoring system for the biogas quality. The connectivity of biogas plants to gas grids, biomethane filling stations and future electric generation systems are studied in the project taking into account both technical issues and non-technical issues like regulations, environmental aspects and financial framework. The project is conducted by an international team consisting of four industrial partners and four research partners.
Renewable energy;
analysis; biogas; quality;
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