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Impact TraFo - Social Impact and Transdisciplinary Science

Project Leader
Smetschka Barbara, Project Leader
Type of Research
Applied Research
Görg Christoph, Project Staff
Weisz Ulli, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Social Ecology (SEC)
Funded by
Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, Stubenring 1, 1010 Wien, Austria
We participate in the project „Effective transdisciplinary research, analysis and transfer of standards for transdisciplinary research (TransImpact)” offering experience in transdisciplinary projects and expertise in the analysis and evaluation of selected projects. The project includes a pre-study for a “Virtual Academy for Transdisciplinarity Studies” funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the funding scheme Social-Ecological Research.We aim to learn about social impact and transdisciplinary science, develop standards and plan to draw conclusions for the design of future research funding and evaluation processes in Austria.
Climate change; Environmental research; Human ecology; Sustainable agriculture; Sustainable economics; Environmental economics; Environmental sociology; Cultural landscape research; Environmental policy;

** Smetschka, B; Gaube, V Co-creating formalized models: Participatory modelling as method and process in transdisciplinary research and its impact potentials.

ENVIRON SCI POLICY. 2020; 103: 41-49. WoS FullText FullText_BOKU


Gaube, V; Smetschka, B (2020): How can participatory modelling support considering and tackling complexity?.

11th International Sustainability Transition (IST) Conference 2020: Governance in an Era of Change – Making Sustainability Transitions Happen, AUG 18-21, 2020, Vienna, AUSTRIA [online conference]

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