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Green up your City ILEN

Subproject of: green up your City - study on façade and green roofs in subsidized housing in Vienna (Green up your City )

Project Leader
Brandenburg Christiane, Project Leader
Type of Research
Applied Research
BOKU Research Units
Institute for Landscape Development, Recreation and Conservation Planning
Funded by
City of Vienna, Rathaus, 1010 Wien, Austria
Increasing urban densification and changes due to climate change pose new challenges for urban planning and architecture as well as for landscape architecture and landscape planning. The declared goal of the City of Vienna is to increase the quality of life in the developed urban area through integrated bundles of measures, including the greening of, for example, roofs and buildings is subsumed (Climate Protection Program of the City of Vienna). In particular, the "Urban Heat Island Strategy Plan Vienna" sees increasing the green share in the city as a central strategy for dealing with the challenges outlined above.
Natural-based solutions such as façade and green roofs contribute to the well-being of residents and reduce the heat load, support air purification, increase biodiversity and the quality of life in the city, and not least have an urban-design effect.
The aim of the study are surveys on the feasibility of facade and green roofs in subsidized housing. This includes: (1) the collection and analysis of good practice examples, (2) the recording of the success factors and obstacles in the planning and implementation as well as (3) the derivation of recommendations for the decision makers in the (housing-)policies.
Sustainable urban development;
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