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Influence of shot conditioning in farm game enclosures on meat quality

Project Leader
Gierus Martin, BOKU Project Leader
Type of Research
Applied Research
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Animal Nutrition, Livestock Products, and Nutrition Physiology (TTE)
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In contrast to the wild game, there are about 1,600 farm game keepers in Austria, with about 35,000 pieces of game. The number of farms with agricultural game farming is increasing from year to year, as this extensive grassland management also allows the management of steep areas. The main game species for a farm game enclosure are red, dam, sika and muffle deer.
The problem with the removal of the game on a farm game enclosure is that the animals do not know the shot bang and after the first animal has been killed the others are very anxious and rather flee. In order to counteract this problem, attention is paid in this work to the conditioning of the animals in the enclosure, and whether the conditioning to the shot bang is a decisive factor.

Meat production; Animal nutrition;
meat quality; conditioning; Game;
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