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Multidisciplinary study to determine accurate vegetation and topography corrections for airborne gamma-ray spectrometry using an UAV measuring system

Project Leader
Atzberger Clement, Project Leader
BMBWF - Beauftragung
Type of Research
Basic Research
Immitzer Markus, Project Staff
Chelfaoui-Atzberger Magda, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Geomatics
Funded by
Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, Minoritenplatz 5, A-1010 Wien, Austria
For more than three decades, the Geologische Bundesanstalt (GBA) has been operating its own geophysical helicopter measurement system to determine various physical parameters. The motivation is the rapid determination of the structure of the subsurface from the air, especially in areas that are difficult to access (mountains, forests) with the realistic option of nationwide mapping in a short time.
Remote sensing;
remote sensing; gamma ray spectrometry; vegeatation;
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