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Scientific supervision of a manganese removal pilot plant for drinking water production

Project Leader
Proksch Philipp, Project Leader
Type of Research
Applied Research
Kerschbaumer David Johannes, Project Staff (bis 31.05.2022)
Proksch Philipp, Project Staff
Handl Sebastian, Project Staff
Sander Johann Philip Constantin, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute for Sanitary Engineering and Water Pollution Control
Funded by
EVN AG, EVN Platz, 2344 Maria Enzersdorf, Austria
At a well site (river bank filtrate), despite the infiltration of oxygen-enriched water, a "black-brown precipitation" occurs in the course of water distribution in different operating situations. The reason for this is primarily the high content of dissolved manganese, which is precipitated chemically and with the participation of microorganisms and forms a particulate precipitate. As the treatment target is currently not being achieved to the desired extent, a further adaptation of the treatment measures is intended to remove manganese. In the course of the planned pilot project two treatment processes are to be compared: ultrafiltration and a classic demanganese filter.
Microbiological processes play a major role in the demanganese removal. These processes have not yet been fully clarified, which is one of the reasons why semi-industrial-scale treatment trials are recommended for more complex waters. Within the framework of the present project, the microbiological development in the demanganisation filter during the familiarisation period and under certain operating situations is to be recorded quantitatively and qualitatively using modern sensitive methods (flow cytometry, DNA sequencing). The comparison of the cleaning performance of the demanganese filter with the microbial condition in the demanganese filter determined in parallel and the identification of the microorganisms or microbial communities mainly responsible for the cleaning performance is a basis for plant optimisation and the general microbiological understanding of the process. The comparison of both plant types in turn provides a valuable basis for process selection in demanganese removal.

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Microbiology; Urban water supply and sanitation; Water treatment; Water management;
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