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Microbial Dynamics of River Bank Filtrate

Project Leader
Handl Sebastian, Project Leader
Stadt Wien - Beauftragung
Type of Research
Applied Research
Kerschbaumer David Johannes, Project Staff (bis 31.05.2022)
Proksch Philipp, Project Staff
Handl Sebastian, Project Staff
Berger Benedikt, Project Staff
Sander Johann Philip Constantin, Project Staff
Aguilar Gonzalez Ana Elena, Project Staff (bis 02.03.2022)
Schöller Magdalena, Project Staff
Kraus Armin, Project Staff (bis 28.02.2022)
Weichselbaumer Monika, Project Staff
Siehs Laurin, Project Staff (bis 30.09.2021)
Balladran Bianca, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute for Sanitary Engineering and Water Pollution Control
Funded by
City of Vienna, Rathaus, 1010 Wien, Austria
Due to the high availability of quantities and the targeted withdrawal possibilities, bank filtrates play an increasingly important role in the Austrian water management. The spectrum ranges from use as cooling water in industry, agricultural irrigation to use in food production and water supply.

In order to be able to describe the microbiological dynamics in bank filtrates as comprehensively as possible, the MIBI-DU project will focus on various processes in the respective watercourse or bank passage. The processes and influences under consideration include in particular
- Consideration of different hydraulic and hydrogeological site influences (e.g. residence time in bank passages or soil-physical properties of the soil passage) by diversifying the extraction points within a site and between different sites
- Investigation of the influence of seasonality and hydrological dynamics in rivers (high water, low water, mean water) by studying three consecutive hydrological years
- The identification of essential input paths from point sources into the watercourse which can be detected until the time of sampling (e.g. sewage treatment plants or industrial waste water) by spatial differentiation of the sampling points along the watercourse
- Detailed examination of the individual sections along the bank passage (flowing waters - entry - bank passage - withdrawal)
- Influence of well operation (e.g. sampling rate or continuous or discontinuous sampling) by adapting the sampling times to the respective operating conditions

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