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Cross-border forest risk management

Project Leader
Hochbichler Eduard, Project Leader
Interreg Va Österreich - Tschechien
Type of Research
Applied Research
Baier Peter, Project Staff
Kirisits Thomas, Project Staff
Netherer Sigrid, Project Staff
Immitzer Markus, Project Staff
Trailovic Zoran, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Silviculture
Cross-border forest risk management (FORRISK_GEO)
Cross-border forest risk management (FORRISK_IFFF)
Funded by
European Regional Development Funds (ERDF), European Union
The damage situation in the forests of the border region, which has persisted for years poses major problems and challenges for forest owners, authorities and stakeholders. In the the course of crisis management, it became apparent how strongly local measures can cope with the catastrophe in a cross-border manner on the one hand, and on the other hand, how problems could be mitigated by better information exchange. In the Czech Republic and in Austria, information is available due to adaptation strategies in forestry. The climatic extremes, risks, possible solutions, etc. could, however, be similar in both countries. The primary project objective is therefore the joint development of important support mechanisms for the efficient management of large-scale damage events (crisis management) and for the future reduction of production and income risks (risk management) in forest management. For the first time, a joint knowledge and information platform is being established through cooperation between a wide range of forestry institutions in the border region.
Forestry; Silviculture;
Foresrt Manamgent; Silviculture;
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