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Climate resilient mountain ecosystems for resilient livelihoods and mountain flagship species - Vanishing Treasures (BOKU-Met Contribution)

Project Leader
Formayer Herbert, Project Leader
UNEP - Vanishing Treasure
Type of Research
Applied Research
Nadeem Imran, Project Staff
Leidinger David, Project Staff
König Barbara, Project Staff
Lehner Fabian, Project Staff
Maier Philipp, Project Staff
Perny Katharina, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Meteorology and Climatology
Funded by
United Nations Environment Programme, Austria
The project Vanishing Treasures aims at protecting mountain flagship species key to ecosystem functioning and improving the communication between climate research and biodiversity conservation practitioners to ensure that the conservation sector appropriately responds to recommendations for adaptive action.
Target species and areas of the project are the mountain gorilla in the Virunga Mountains (Uganda, Rwanda), the snow leopard in the Central Asian Mountains (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan) and the royal bengal tiger in Hindu-Kush Himalayas (Bhutan).
Within the project BOKU-Met will develope an ensemble of bias-corrected, high-resolution regional climate change scenarios for the target areas in Hindu-Kush Himalayas (Bhutan).
Climatology; Climate change; Mountain meteorology; Ecosystem research; Nature conservation; Wildlife management;

Formayer, H; König, B; Nadeem, I; Lehner, F;Leidinger, D; Perny, K; (2021): Vanishing Treasures - Climate resilient mountain ecosystems for resilient ecosystem livelihoods and keyflagship mountain species - Zwischenberichte Periode 1-3.

Finanziert von: UNEP, 10

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