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Study for the sectional re-opening and re-establishment of Viennese watercourses to support a near-natural rainwater management.

Project Leader
Rauch Johann Peter, Project Leader
Smart Cities Demo - Kooperative F&E-Projekte - Experimentelle Entwicklung
Type of Research
Applied Research
Project partners
Insitute of Building Research & Innovation ZT-Gmbh, Wipplingerstr. 23/, , Austria.
Function of the Project Partner: Partner
Müller Helene, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute for Sanitary Engineering and Water Pollution Control
Institute of Soil Bioengineering and Landscape Construction
Local reactivation of Viennese urban streams supported by nature-based stormwater management (ProBACH)
Funded by
Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Sensengasse 1, 1090 Wien, Austria
he ProBACH project deals with the potential for renaturation and a comprehensive analysis of the impact of Wienerwald streams. In urban, climatologically and socially neuralgic areas of the city, a test flow route is designed for the sectional reactivation and recreation of an open watercourse accompanied by planting. Sections of the former river course that have been preserved in the urban morphology are described in types and serve as a basis for identifying suitable locations. For this purpose, variants of optimised solutions as well as potential obstacles, opportunities and risks are identified using the Ottakringer Bach and other Wienerwald streams as examples and verified on a test flow section. The ProBACH project is developing a concept for effective urban climate moderation and for relieving the burden on the sewage system through appropriate water management by using the open flow section, doped with the existing stream water and the roof water accumulating in the vicinity.

Climate change; Hydrology; Ecosystem research; Urban water supply and sanitation; Hydraulic engineering; Sustainable building; Landscape architecture; Soil bioengineering; Water infrastructure;
hydrology; soil and water bioengineering; sanitary engineering;

Prenner, F; Müller, H; Stern, P; Holzer, M; Rauch, HP; Kretschmer, F (2021): Suitability pre-assessment for decoupling urban streams to support blue-green climate adaptation measures .
[International Conference on Urban Drainage, Online, 25.10.2021 - 28.10.2021]

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