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Development of a tree planting method 'StreetTREE', which can be used as a unique sponge city structure.

Subproject of: Development of the StreetTREE tree-planting method, which is used as a sponge city element regardless of infrastructures in the road bedding (StreetTREE)

Project Leader
Pressl Alexander, Project Leader
Smart Cities Demo - Kooperative F&E-Projekte - Experimentelle Entwicklung
Type of Research
Applied Research
Ertl Thomas, Project Staff
Prenner Flora, Project Staff
Pucher Bernhard, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute for Sanitary Engineering and Water Pollution Control
Institute of Soil Bioengineering and Landscape Construction
Funded by
Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Sensengasse 1, 1090 Wien, Austria
State-of-the-art tree plantings do not meet the requirements under changed climatic conditions. The main obstacles are (a) technical installations in the road space, which must be protected from root penetration; and (b) the need for trees to have sufficient root space to ensure an adequate water and nutrient supply.
The StreetTREE project offers for the first time a solution that allows a cost-effective and plant-appropriate tree planting in the street space of the existing city and is a valuable component for a decentralised and sustainable rainwater management. StreetTREE creates resilient urban structures in order to reduce the negative effects of climate change by facilitating and thus significantly increasing the use of tree plantations.
The overall aim of the project is to offer the innovative StreetTREE-Planters to Austrian cities and municipalities as soon as possible in order to promote climate change adaptation in the existing city and to bring the advantages of this technology to a broad application.
Urban water supply and sanitation; Soil bioengineering; Wastewater treatment; Product design;
tree; shadowing; tree plantpot; street runoff; roadside;
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