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Transdisciplinary ANd Deliberative equity appraisal of transition policies in Energy and Mobility

Project Leader
Klingler Michael, BOKU Project Leader
Horizon Europe - Global Challenges - Research & Innovation Action (RIA)
EU-Project Instruments
Collaborative Project
Type of Research
Applied Research
Kirchner Mathias, Project Staff
Scherhaufer Patrick, Project Staff
Plöchl Jana, Project Staff
Spittler Nathalie, Project Staff
Gerdes Daniel, Project Staff
De Fontana Fiona Lilith Medea, Project Staff (bis 31.08.2025)
BOKU Research Units
Centre for Global Change and Sustainability
Institute of Forest, Environmental and Natural Resource Policy
Institute of Sustainable Economic Development
Transdisciplinary and Deliberative equity appraisal of transition policies in Energy and Mobility (TANDEM)
Funded by
Commission of the European Communities, Rue de la Loi, Brussels, European Union
Numerous trials of implementing transition pathways across Europe illustrate the difficulty of designing policies that combine efficient climate action and justice considerations, especially for the most vulnerable groups. In this perspective, various citizens’ assemblies have been experimented. The TANDEM project aims to structure and disseminate these practices by designing and testing a methodology allowing policy makers to create and implement inclusive and just transition pathways by involving potentially affected stakeholders especially from vulnerable groups. It relies on several complementary, accessible, and replicable methods: deliberative democracy methods including art-based approaches and an innovative combination of appraisal and assessment methods. These methods constitute the backbone of a series of 3 deliberation panels with citizens, that invite them to build their system, their narratives and criteria, to define interventions that they will be invited to evaluate according to their own criteria and integrate in transition pathways for the future. Private companies and public authorities are also represented in this process. TANDEM will thus develop a transdisciplinary approach to identify and analyse emerging inequalities of low-carbon transition policies, as well as to co-design socially fair and effective alternative transition pathways with stakeholders. It will test its approach on 5 different case studies in Spain, Belgium, Finland, Poland and Austria, around controversial transition policies in energy and mobility affecting urban and rural populations.
Economics; Political Science; Human Geography, Regional Geography, Regional Planning; Sustainable economics; Science communication;

Scherhaufer, Patrick (2023): Welche Geschichte der Zukunft wollen wir?.

, Österreichischer Gemeindebund, Kommunaler Zukunftsbericht. Krisenfeste Gemeinden. Von den finanziellen Herausforderungen bis zur gesellschaftlichen Verantwortung, 39-45 FullText


Scherhaufer, Patrick (2023): Wege in die und aus der Klimakrise.

Pädagogischer Tag in der BHAK Wien 10, 25.09.2023, Wien, Austria

Spittler, Nathalie; Scherhaufer, Patrick (2022): Eine lebenswerte Welt gemeinsam verstehen. Die Anwendung von Causal Loop Diagrams in der Praxis.

K3 Klimakommunikation, 13-15.09.2022, Zurich, Schweiz

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