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OPTimising FORest management decisions for a low-carbon, climate resilient future in EUrope

Project Leader
Neumann Mathias, BOKU Project Leader
Horizon Europe - Global Challenges - Research & Innovation Action (RIA)
EU-Project Instruments
Collaborative Project
Type of Research
Basic Research
Vacik Harald, Project Staff
Lindau Antonia, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Centre for Bioeconomy
Institute of Forest, Environmental and Natural Resource Policy
Institute of Silviculture
Institute of Sustainable Economic Development
OptFor-EU Mapping institutional and governance factors (OptFor-EU Governance)
OptFor-EU Sub-Project on Indicators (OptFor-EU Indicators)
OptFor-EU Perceptions and behavior (OptFor-EU ACTORS)
Funded by
Commission of the European Communities, Rue de la Loi, Brussels, European Union
Significant reductions in anthropogenic CO2 emissions and increases in CO2 sinks are needed to meet the 1.5?C threshold for global warming set
out in the Paris Agreement and reach the climate-neutrality goal of the European Green Deal by 2050. The CO2 sink provided by forests partially
offsets the rise in anthropogenic CO2 emissions, providing a large-scale buffer to climate change. Depending on their characteristics and local
circumstances, forests may range from net CO2 sinks to sources. The project ?OPTimising FORest management decisions for a low-carbon,
climate resilient future in Europe? (OptFor-EU) will build a Decision Support System (DSS) to provide forest stakeholders and citizens with tailored
options for optimising decarbonisation and other Forest Ecosystem Services (FES) across Europe. Based on exploitation of existing data sources,
use of novel Essential Forest Decarbonisation Variables and relationships between climate drivers, forest responses and ecosystem services,
OptFor-EU has five specific objectives: (1) Provide an improved characterisation of the forest-climate nexus and FES; (2) Utilise end-user
focussed process modelling; (3) Empower forest end-users to make informed decisions to enhance forest resilience and decarbonisation; (4)
Provide a novel DSS service; and (5) Achieve measurable gains towards the European Green Deal objectives. Based on a supply-demand
approach, the methodology combines an iterative process of data consolidation, modelling, and co-development of solutions alongside
stakeholders. The DSS will be designed and tested at 8 case study areas, to provide a ready-to-use service, near to operational (TRL7) and up
scaled to European level, while a user adoption plan will maximise the societal and business impact. OptFor-EU will be implemented through 7
interconnected Work Packages, by a consortium of 16 partners from 9 European countries holding excellent interdisciplinary expertise, and a very
good gender balance.
Agriculture and Forestry, Fishery;
wood products;
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