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Waste management strategy Erbil

Project Leader
Salhofer Stefan Petrus, Project Leader
ETVIE Energy Transfer Vienna GmbH - Beauftragung
Type of Research
Applied Research
Binner Erwin, Project Staff
Soudachanh Souphaphone, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Waste Management and Circularity
Funded by
ETVIE Energy Transfer Vienna GmbH, Rotenm├╝hlgasse 45, 1120 Wien, Austria
The region of Erbil, Iraq plans to reorganise the management of waste. In this context, a thermal treatment facility for 300,000 t is in planning. As a complementary study, the University of Natural Resources and Life Science Vienna shall develop basic elements of a waste management strategy, where the processes of municipal waste management are analysed and general recommendations are given. Aims of the study are to give an overview on waste definition and strategies, to analyse elements of a waste management strategy like waste generation, collection, composting and the integration of the informal recycling sector in a regional context and to develop general recommendations. In terms of methodology, based on EU strategies for waste management, a review of case studies from previous projects and the literature is undertaken.
Waste engineering;
waste; collection; strategy; recycling;
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