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Climate-social Linz

Project Leader
Plank Christina, Project Leader
Klimafonds der Stadt Linz
Type of Research
Basic Research
Project partners
University of Economics and business, 1020 Wien, Austria.
Function of the Project Partner: Partner

Further information:

Lorenz Lisa Lena, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute for Development Research
Funded by
City of Linz, Hauptstra├če 1-5, A-4041 Linz, Austria
The increasingly evident social and ecological crises are not separate phenomena, but can only be dealt with in their interconnectedness. The city of Linz, like other cities, is strongly affected by the increasing impact of the climate crisis, for example by heat waves or by the lack of green spaces. This particularly affects people with low incomes. At the same time, however, spaces are emerging at the city level where it is possible to take action at the local level.
This project starts from this initial situation and aims to strengthen the understanding of different civil society actors and groups (e.g. people affected by poverty, students) in Linz for the multiple crisis. Local knowledge will be used to develop climate-social action options for Linz in the context of an industrial city. By means of diverse artistic interventions, the knowledge bases and options for action will be made tangible for the general population as well as specifically for different social groups, and imaginary hurdles for transformative futures will be dismantled. In this way, the project makes an important contribution to a climate-social Linz that builds on a broad social base.
This leads to the following questions:
1) What foundations are needed for artistic inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration?
2) What are the understandings and concerns of the multiple crisis in different social groups? Which climate-social possibilities for action arise for these groups and how can these perspectives be strengthened?
3) How can artistic interventions help to strengthen mediation and further work and make transformative futures tangible?
The goal of the project is to use interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research processes to make discussions of critical social science research experiential and to elaborate climate-social possibilities for action. The implementation will take place through workshops and a call for artistic works.
Political economy; Environmental sociology; Policy analysis; Media studies; Action research;
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