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Forest ecological impact investigations during groundwater extraction of NÖSIWAG company in the floodplain forests near Petronell.

Project Leader
Hager Herbert, Project Leader
Type of Research
Applied Research
Schume Helmut, Sub Projectleader
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Forest Ecology
Funded by
Niederösterreichische Siedlungswasserbau GmbH., Südstadtzentrum 4, A-2344 Maria Enzersdorf am Gebirge, Austria
During groundwater extraction from drinking water wells in the floodplain forests at Petronell a measuring program for relevant parameters of the site and stand water balance (soil, plant, atmosphere) was conducted. By these means an evironmentally sound regime of groundwater extraction within the well field should be designed. Negative physiological side-effects upon the tree species (Populus x euramericana) should be prevented.
plant ecology; bioclimatology; hydrology; groundwater management; forest ecology; environmental protection;
wetlands forest; groundwater extraction; poplar; water balance;

Schume, H., Hager, H. (2000): Waldökologische Begleituntersuchungen zum Pumpversuch der NÖSIWAG im Brunnenfeld Petronell.

Forschungsbericht im Auftrag der NÖSIWAG, 20 S

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