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Comparison of airborne and ground measurements of surface temperature and surface soil water content in crop fields.

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Applied Research
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Geological Survey Vienna, Rasumofskygasse 23, A-1031 Wien, Austria.
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Eitzinger Josef, Project Staff
Kubu Gerhard, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Meteorology and Climatology
Institute of Soil Physics and Rural Water Management
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Remote sensing techniques become more and more significant for various applications in Agricultural Hydrology due to technical development in sensoring and data handling. Information about soil surface characteristics in a high spatial resolution is important for a number of hydrological, agrometeorological and ecological aspects. In this case study, the
agreement of ground based measurements with data of soil surface temperatures and soil water content (upper layers) recorded from a helicopter is investigated. The soil surface temperature, measured with an IR-sensor from a helicopter, showed clear differences between the various test fields due to different soil coverages and surface characteristics. The
relative agreement with ground based measurements was good although differences in absolute values were found. The values of soil surface water content, measured on ground, showed significant variations, even within shortest distances. Airborne L-Band Measurements can give an overview of soil moisture distribution of the observed surfaces. To calculate
absolute values of water content, additional information of the investigated surface area is necessary .
pedology; remote sensing; agronomy; interdisciplinary agriculture and forestry;
soil water content; remote sensing;
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