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Benefiting from an improved agricultural portfolio in Asia

Project Leader
Gretzmacher Ralph, BOKU Project Leader
INCO - International co-operation activities (FP6)
EU-Project Instruments
Integrated Project (IP)
Type of Research
Applied Research
BOKU Research Units
Division of Agronomy
Funded by
Commission of the European Communities, Rue de la Loi, Brussels, European Union

** Schmidt, M; Wei, W; Polthanee, A; Lam, NT; Chuong, S; Qiu, LJ; Banterng, P; Dung, PT; Glaser, S; Gretzmacher, R; Hager, V; de Korte, E; Li, YH; Phuong, NT; Ro, S; Zhang, ZY; Zhou, HF Ambiguity in a trans-disciplinary stakeholder assessment of neglected and underutilized species in China, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.

BIODIVERS CONSERV. 2008; 17(7): 1645-1666. WoS FullText FullText_BOKU

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