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Increasing total farm productiviti in vulnerable production systems in Mozambique through improved garmplasm, water and nutrient use efficiencies.

Project Leader
Hauser Michael, Project Leader
Type of Research
Applied Research
Loiskandl Willibald, Project Staff
Darnhofer Ika, Project Staff
Cunguara Benedito, Project Staff
Lössl Andreas, Project Staff (bis 02.07.2014)
Nkala Peter, Project Staff (bis 26.03.2009)
BOKU Research Units
Institute for Development Research
Institute of Agricultural and Forestry Economics (AFO)
Institute of Agronomy
Institute of Organic Farming
Institute of Soil Physics and Rural Water Management
Funded by
Ministry of Financial Affaires, Hintere Zollamtsstraße 2b, 1030 Wien, Austria
This project aims to evaluate promising interventions for reducing the production vulnerability of smallholder farmers in central Mozambique through the improved use of germplasm, nutrients and water. The project will test and disseminate improved agricultural production systems based on drought and disease tolerant germplasm and improved natural resource use based on conservation agriculture (CA) principles, through participatory on-farm experimentation by farmers, combined with spatial analysis tools to characterize problems and help target interventions. It will evaluate the trade-offs of adopting interventions and address critical development questions.For more infos see: Projekt Website
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