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Technology, logistics and economics of big-scale biogas plants based on industrial by-products

Project Leader
Kirchmayr Roland, BOKU Project Leader
Energiesysteme der Zukunft (Impulsprogramm Nachhaltig Wirtschaften)
Type of Research
Applied Research
Project partners
Energieagentur Obersteiermark, Kaserngasse 22, 8750 Judenburg, Austria.
Contact person: DI Josef Bärnthaler;
Function of the Project Partner: Partner
HEI - Hornbachner Energie Innovation, Ameisgasse 65, 1140 Wien, Austria.
Contact person: DI Georg Konrad;
Function of the Project Partner: Koordinator
Resch Christoph, Project Staff (bis 31.07.2007)
Drosg Bernhard, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute for Environmental Biotechnology
Funded by
Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, Renngasse 5, 1010 Wien, Austria
Aim of this project is it to examine the feasibility of large-scale fermentation gas facilities in combination or close to industrial plants with high biogenous waste production. In this study, the availability of organic substrates on the market and the need in specific technology development is examined. Furthermore, the requirements for the disposal logistics of the organic remainders and the
economy of such large-scale facilities are proofed.
The project covers the following topics:
1) Identification of industries and enterprises with high biogenous waste output. Investigations of the theoretical potentials of fermentation gas production and determination of the structure of the waste arising and competing utilization ways.
2) Discussion of the disposal alternatives, logistics and costs for the disposal logistics of the organic remainders of large-scale fermentation gas facilities.
3) Presentation of the need in technology development and discussion of possible technology development options.
4) Examination of the optimization of the total energy efficiency of the plants by poly generation.
5) Examination of the non-energetic utilization of fermentation gas.
6) Investigation of the economy of large-scale fermentation gas facilities.
7) Comparison of different concepts for large-scale fermentation gas facilities.
The project is structured into eight working packages. Content of the first working package (AP) is the analyses of the biogenous waste arising in industry. The second AP deals with innovative concepts for the utilization of the organic remainders of the fermentation gas plant. AP3 describes the technological
requirements and the technology development need of large-scale fermentation gas facilities.
AP4 and AP5 cover the possibilities of poly generation and/or non-energetic use oft the fermentation gas. In AP6 the economy of the large-scale facilities is examined. AP7 compares different concepts for largescale fermentation gas facilities. AP8 covers project management and quality control.
environmental technology; energy research; technical implications estimation; environmental economics; renewable resources (energy);
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