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Forest devastating Deicing Salt Injuries at forest sites along road sides in Waldvietel, NÖ

Project Leader
Sieghardt Monika, Project Leader
Type of Research
Applied Research
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Forest Ecology
Funded by
Amt der Niederösterreichischen Landesregierung, Landhausplatz 1, A-3109 St. Pölten, Austria
Target issue of this applied research project is to develop possible strategies to minimize contaminations of forest stands by de-icers along public streets in Waldviertel, NÖ. It is clear that the best strategy is to avoid de-icer application, but as far as the streets have to be kept in passable conditions other solutions have to be checked:
Recommendations for technical constructions, speed reduction, collection and diversion of street’s surface water
Application of alternative de-icers (e.g. CMA)
Ecological alternatives: categorization of sites or stands for their suitability to plant relatively salt tolerant species including “exotic” specie, planting of protective boarders (bufferzones) with salt tolerant shrubs and bushes as well as establishing highly productive species that can be harvested to minimize the salt load (phytoremidiation), soil melioration measures of highly salt impacted sites
interdisciplinary agriculture and forestry; environmental protection;
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