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BOKU-Met: RegFut

Subproject of: Regional Futures under the Microscope: Regional Challenges in Upper Austria (AT), Lower Austria (AT),Styria (AT) and Kassel (DE) (Regional Futures)

Project Leader
Formayer Herbert, BOKU Project Leader
Klima- und Energiefonds
Type of Research
Applied Research
Project partners
Austrian Insitute for Regional Studies and Spatial Planning, Franz-Josefs-Kai 27, 1010 Wien, Austria.
Function of the Project Partner: Partner
Austrian Society for Environment and Technologie, Hollandstraße 10/46, 1020 Wien, Austria.
Function of the Project Partner: Partner
University of Kassel, Institute for urban processes, Mönchebergstraße 19, 34109 Kassel, Germany.
Function of the Project Partner: Partner
Wegener Zentrum für Klima und Globalen Wandel, Leechgasse 25, 8010 Graz, Austria.
Function of the Project Partner: Partner
Trimmel Heidelinde, Project Staff
Leidinger David, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Centre for Global Change and Sustainability
Institute of Meteorology and Climatology
Institute of Safety and Risk Sciences
Institute of Sustainable Economic Development
Funded by
Klima- und Energiefonds, Leopold-Ungar-Platz 2 / Stiege 1 / 4.OG / Top 142, 1190 Wien, Austria
In the course of an ongoing EU project to map vulnerabilities at the NUTS2 level vis-à-vis five major global challenges (climate change, sustainable and competitive energy, globalization, demographic change and social polarization) a number of questions emerged regarding the efficacy of the project’s top-down approach to addressing such multifaceted issues. The ACRP “Regional Futures” project aims to improve the methodology based on an in-depth study of the vulnerabilities of four regions in Austria and Germany, with a focus on the climate change and energy challenge. Thus the project will improve the understanding of the robustness of results achieved under the constraints of the EU study and provide valuable information on exposure, sensitivity, adaptive capacity and vulnerability in the five regions for a spectrum of future scenarios.
climatology; Global warming;
Regional Challenges;
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