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StartClim2011.D: Survey and utilisation of the potential capacity of Austrian native tree species to perform under actual and future climatic stress

Subproject of: StartClim2011 – scientific coordination (StartClim2011)

Project Leader
Karrer Gerhard, BOKU Project Leader
Type of Research
Basic Research
Project partners
Vienna Institute for Nature Conservation and Analyses, Giessergasse 6/7, 1090 Wien, Austria.
Contact person: PD Dr. Wolfgang Willner;
Function of the Project Partner: Partner
Schume Helmut, Project Staff
Lener Felicia, Project Staff (bis 30.09.2012)
BOKU Research Units
Institute of Botany
Institute of Forest Ecology
Funded by
StartClim, Austria
Instead of immediate and unreflecting utilisation of foreign (non-European) tree species for silviculture in Austria the potential capacity of native trees to scope with the challanges of future climate (longer periods of drought or very high or low temperatures). In this project we want to analyse the bioclimatic amplitudes of native tree species valuable from the economic as well as the ecological point of view. Any available measurement of water balance of forest sites will be utilized as well as indirect estimates of environmental resources by calculation of averages and ranges of indicator values on the base of vegetation surveys. By this means we want to identify populations of trees that are highly resistant against relatively longer drought periods and more intense periods of high or low temperature. Consequently, such populations can be used predominantly for the propagation of trees in nurseries as well as for direct seeding. Threads of native biodiversity by such cultivation material can be supposed to be lower than in case of planting foreign species. Additionally, this projekt is linked to a collaborative project of German and Russian scientist on the analysis of bioclimatic envelopes of conspecific Russian trees and the options for their cultivation in Middle Europe.
plant ecology; plant sociology; climatology; hydrology; forest ecology; silviculture;

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