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"Ecomats" - Vegetation Cover and Water Capacity Test

Project Leader
Brandenburg Christiane, Project Leader
Contact person:
Badawy Nabeel
Type of Research
Technological Development
Czachs Christina, Project Staff
BOKU Research Units
Institute for Landscape Development, Recreation and Conservation Planning
Funded by
BB-Infrastruktur AG, Stab Forschung und Entwicklung, Praterstern 3, 1020 Wien, Austria
“Ecomats” are a portable system with a flexible fixing for noise reduction and retention of rainfall. The system consists of two main components: On the one hand, trays filled with substrate and planted with various sedum species, and on the other, vibration-absorbing elements which rest directly against the rail.
The project "Ecomats" - Vegetation Cover and Water Capacity Test ÖBWT aims to develop a suitable vegetation system for sedum species and surveys the further development of vegetation used in the “Ecomats” (growth, density, root development). In addition, the potential establishment of sedum sprouts fed into the rails as well as the possible development of seed approaching “Ecomats” is examined. Another research focus of the project is the determination of the water storage capacity of the mats at high precipitation values. The research activities are in part conducted in the laboratory and in the field. Therefore, the “Ecomats” will be installed at four different locations in the Vienna region and observations and measurements will be carried out.

Soil bioengineering; Soil bioengineering; railway transport technology; ecological engineering;
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