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Utilisation of Maize Straw for Biogas

Project Leader
Gronauer Andreas, Project Leader
Contact person:
Bauer Alexander
Type of Research
Applied Research
Bauer Alexander, Sub Projectleader
BOKU Research Units
Division of Agricultural Engineering
Funded by
Biogest environmental engineering Ltd., Chimanistra├če 11, 1190 Wien, Austria
Agricultural crop residues are available worldwide in large quantities. They ate currently underutilized and can be considered as a high-potential innovative source for biogas production. However, their utilization in fermentation process requires further R&D and optimization for industrial applications. Main challenges to be tackled are increase of biogas yield trough effective pretreatment, overall reduction of costs and energy consumption as well as simple and reliable handling under practical conditions. The main focus lies on enhancement of raw material storage. In practical terms, it means that an opportunity for implementation of large-scale biogas projects based on lignocellulosic feedstock and expansion of the optimized technologies to the prospective biogas markets, in particular, in Eastern Europe, can be triggered.

agricultural-chemical research; renewable energy; renewable resources;
Biogas; Conservation; Maize Straw;
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