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** = Publications listed in SCI/SSCI - Journals (published in Web of Science)
* = peer-reviewed publication (not listed in SCI/SSCI)
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** Onyelowe, KC; Bui Van, D; Nguyen Van, M; Ezugwu, C; Amhadi, T; Sosa, F; Wu, W; Ta Duc, T; Orji, F; Alaneme, G Experimental assessment of subgrade stiffness of lateritic soils treated with crushed waste plastics and ceramics for pavement foundation.

INT J LOW-CARBON TEC. 2019; 14(2): 187-204. WoS FullText FullText_BOKU


** Smidt E., Schwanninger M. Characterization of Waste Materials Using FTIR Spectroscopy: Process Monitoring and Quality Assessment.

Spectroscopy Letters, Vol. 38, No. 3, pp.247-270; ISSN 0038-7010 WoS FullText FullText_BOKU


** Smidt, E., P. Lechner, M. Schwanninger, G. Haberhauer and M.H. Gerzabek Characterization of Waste Organic Matter by FT-IR Spectroscopy: Application in Waste Science.

Applied Spectroscopy Vol. 56, No. 9, 1170-1175 WoS

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