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Lemmens, M., Josephs, R., Schuhmacher, R., Grausgruber, H., Buerstmayr, H., Ruckenbauer, P., Neuhold, G., Fidesser, M., Krska, R..
(1997): Head blight (Fusarium spp.) on wheat: investigations on the relationship between disease symptoms and mycotoxin content.
Cereal Research Communications, 25, 459-465

The aim of this work was to identify a disease parameter with which the mycotoxin content in kernels of artificially inoculated wheat genotypes can be predicted for breeding purposes. In total 108 winter and spring wheat genotypes, the resistance of which varied from highly resistant to very susceptible, were artificially inoculated with a F. culmorum isolate known to produce large amounts of deoxynivalenol (DON). Several held and laboratory parameters were investigated and the data were correlated with the DON content of the harvested wheat kernels. Correlation coefficients varied (in absolute values) from 0.33 to 0.81. It is concluded that for practical breeding purposes visual scores of the disease on the field (e.g. the area under the disease progress curve: r = 0.81) or the percentage of bleached kernels in the harvested samples (r = 0.76) give a good estimation of the DON content for a reasonable labour input.
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Bürstmayr Hermann
Grausgruber Heinrich
Krska Rudolf
Lemmens Marc
Ruckenbauer Peter
Schuhmacher Rainer
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