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Unfer, G; Pinter, K.
(2013): Marking otoliths of brown trout (Salmotrutta L.) embryos with alizarin red S
J APPL ICHTHYOL. 2013; 29(2): 470-473. FullText FullText_BOKU

In this study a time- and cost effective method for marking early life stages of brown trout (Salmotrutta L.) with alizarin red S (ARS) is presented. The main intention was the development of a protocol to mark embryos. When stocking eyed-eggs, later recognition depends on an adequate tagging method featuring reasonable expenditures, low mortality and high marking success. Best results were obtained using ARS concentrations of 500mg/l. Consistently clearly visible marks could be detected under a fluorescence-stereomicroscope equipped with a dsRed filter, without processing the otoliths.
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Pinter Kurt
Unfer Günther
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